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Emil Jaeger and his Headhunters

Emil Jaeger spent his early life on the imperial planet of Athonia,
his young years consumed by gang warfare and gambling. When he was
23, he won a bet with one of his fellow gamblers for a Neon star
blaster, a light 8 man spacecraft. He spent his times travelling the
galaxy becoming a skilled mechanic as well as vicious combatant,
training on the planets of Krieg, Tallarn, Catachan and many more
from his tough upbringing he was more than an apt student in all
their different fighting arts, but never settled but carried on
travelling. Later he became a mercenary and assassin, preferring to
kill his enemy from afar, but never failing to draw his legendary
Kukri knife in the direst circumstances. He began to take acolytes
who he trained in the art of sniping, as well as field craft, who
accompanied him on his covert assignments; his acolytes later became
known as the Headhunters, due to their vast number of confirmed
Around the same time Emil purchased several prototype Proton long
rifles, very powerful snipers. On the battlefield Emil has been known
extremely hard to kill, underestimated in his knowledge of trickery,
many have claimed to have killed Emil, but only for another to have
sighted him in battle shortly after, some have even claimed to have
taken his head, only to find that it is actually the head of one
of their fallen comrades. An excellent mechanic, survivalist and
combatant, many enemy hero has been killed by his snipers bullet,
he also carries a lowly Las pistol, many of his victims have laughed
when he has drawn it, only to have been incinerated by its overloaded
blast. Emil Jaeger still travels the galaxy now, fighting in many
skirmishers, battles, and even full scale campaigns.

Emil Jaeger
Head hunter

Emil Jaeger and his Headhunters

Emil Jaeger

Unit composition: Emil Jaeger and 2-5 Headhunters


Emil Jaeger only:

Carapace armour,

Headsnatcher: Headsnatcher was the first prototype of the proton long
rifles, the set of snipers specially designed and commissioned by
Emil Jaeger himself. This one was custom made by Emil, made from a
light but immensely strong material and with added scopes, aiming
sights and red dots. Headsnatcher is a proton long rifle with an AP
value of 1. In addition any roll to hit of 6 will wound on a 2+ and
any roll to hit of 4 or 5 will wound on a 3+.

Overloaded Las pistol
Emil Jaeger also carries a greatly feared overloaded Las pistol, it
is possible for this Las pistol to release a potentially devastating

blast. An overloaded Las pistol counts as a normal Las pistol, but
once per game he may fire an overloaded shot, it has the same range
and type, but fires at strength 10 AP 1 and is subject to the gets
hot! Rule.

Kukri knife
Emil’s legendary Kukri knife doubles as both a multi purpose tool and
vicious weapon, in close combat it counts as a master crafted power
weapon an may be used along with his Las pistol to grant him an extra
attack, even if he has fired his proton long rifle this turn.

Headhunters only:

Las pistol, close combat weapon, Flak armour

Proton long rifle
A Proton long rifle is a ranged weapon with the following profile:
R     S    AP TYPE
48” X     2     Heavy 1,Sniper

Both Emil Jaeger and his Headhunters

Lightlash Charges
It is a well known fact that both Emil and His Headhunters are
campers. Often when they set up behind cover they will fit Lightlash
charges directly in front of them to fend of any close quarters
attack. Lightlash charges are small metal canisters filled with
the extremely flammable liquid promethium, on contact with air
the promethium instantly flares up temporally blinding the enemy.
Lightlash charges are defensive grenades, but roll 3D6+3 for armour

Clearing equipment
Emil and his Headhunters will never go to battle without some form of
clearing equipment, ranging from a simple spade to high tech laser
cutters. Clearing equipment grants Emil Jaeger and his squad the Move
through cover special rule.

Camo gear
Emil and his Headhunters always wear some sought of camouflage. Camo
gear grants Emil and his squad the Stealth special rule.

Domino fields
Emil possesses arcane Domino fields, based on technology given to
him by the enigmatic Eldar. In a close assault these fields can be
activated, confusing the enemy and causing them to strike thin air.
In close combat enemies suffer a -1 penalty when rolling to hit
against Emil Jaeger and his squad.

Special Rules

Emil Jaeger only:

Acute senses,

Master of escape
When Emil Jaeger is killed, do not remove the model but lie it down
roll of 1-5 nothing happens, but on a roll of a 6, Emil Jaeger

immediately returns back to life but with
his characteristics (excluding his armour
game turn, if he already hasn’t come back
a 5+, with the same modifiers, and so on,

Emil Jaeger and his Headhunters

Counter-attack, Stubborn, (this ability is lost if Emil is killed),

When deploying Emil and his squad only do so after ALL other units
have deployed (including scouts and infiltrators) to deploy them you
simply place them behind any available cover in your deployment zone.
If there is no available cover, or no cover you wish to deploy them
behind then you may immediately set up a 6” barricade within your
deployment zone and deploy them behind that.

When the Headhunters fire at a unit behind cover the enemy suffers
a -1 penalty to his cover save, when Emil shoots at an enemy behind
cover he allows no cover save at all. Also, in the movement phase
Emil Jaeger and his Headhunters may choose to move using the Slow and
Purposeful rules, therefore being able to move and fire their heavy


Headhunters only

Any Headhunter may replace its close combat weapon with a specialised
combat dagger at +4 points per model. Up to one model may replace its
close combat weapon and Las pistol with tearing claws at +12 points.
Up to one model may replace its proton long rifle for an Atom beam
rifle at plus 12 points. Any model (but not one upgraded with tearing
claws) mat replace its Las pistol for a Bolt pistol at +5 points.

Specialised combat dagger
A specialised combat dagger is a close combat weapon with the rending
special rule.

Tearing claws
Tearing claws are twin power weapons with the rending special rule

Atom beam rifle
An Atom beam rifle is a chunky rifle which fires a beam of
radioactive energy. It is a ranged weapon with the following profile:
48” 7  2   Heavy 1, twin-linked

a -1 modifier to all of
save). Then on the next
to life, he will return on
but he may NEVER return

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