Sunday, 31 July 2011

my 18th century Prussian Army

My Prussian force
Organised for Black Powder, Great coat and Tricorne or Die Kreigskunst 

I began building it up around 2008, having played nothing but lord of the rings till thos point it was a reletivly novel enterprise and until this year didn't stand the test of time (un pianted models in a draw, their bases scavenged for my warhammer Empire army). I stayed pretty true to Dixon miniatures ever since, despite their lowsy shipping time (However frontrank's 48hr first class delivery out weighs the £4 postage these days, considering Foundry's awful £8 postage!). This has given the army a certain degree of unity, and this coupled with hours of intense painting means it always looks pretty impressive on the tabletop (by impressive i mean the kind of army that it's insulting to fight against it with anything un-painted).
I also have a bit of a thing for cavalry (warhammer chaos army revolves entirely around cavalry), and my army consists of about 40% horse to 60% foot - higher than the normal ratio on a battlefield. As you can see (above), they can also be a bit of a pest, demolishing much bigger units, and picking off commanders with their carbines.
Anyway, here's my 28mm Seven Years War Prussian Army, based up for Die Kriegskunst, Black powder and Great coat and tricorne:
  • Frederick the II  “the Great”

  • Prince Friedrich Heinrich Ludwig

  • Baron Von Steuben  

  • King of Bavaria’s own, 1st regiment of Dragoons (1 squadron – 5 figs.)

  • von Szekely’s own, 1st regiment of hussars (1 squadron – 5 figs.)

  • von Wickeradt’s own, 9th regiment of Musketeers (1 battalion of 24 figs.)

  • Markgraf von Brandenburg’s own, 42nd regiment of fusiliers (1 battalion of 10 figs.)

  • Prinz von Braunschweig-Bevern’s own, 7th Kanitz grenadiers (1 battalion of 10 figs.)

  • Von Favrat’s own, Black legion Jägers (4 figs.)
Photos Coming soon!

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