Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Emperor’s children (slaanesh): turn it up!
When to use: before the enemy’s movement phase. The ship’s of the emperor’s children that are flying over the battle field carrying tons of noise marines let of a defining blast which deafens some of the enemy troops and sends panic through their army. 
Place a large blast marker any where in the enemy army. All models completely covered may not benefit from their army’s HQ’s leadership and are at a -2 to their own leadership, additionally must all take a leadership test that turn and are immune to rules such as: “get back in the fight”. Points: 65
Chaos space marines and orks: “cut ‘n’ burn”
When to use: any time. The men observing the battle from up above in their gun ships and landing craft see a decisive moment in the battle! Their ships fly as to the rescue of their comrades in the heavy fighting, but the pilot’s mission is a very different one! The crew set about tearing their ship to ribbon’s with burnas and chain swords right over the enemy lines. 
Place D3 templates 6” long and 1.5” wide all models partly or completely covered suffer 1 strength 6 hit that counts as flaiming, these attacks ignore cover saves. Points: 12
World eaters (khorne): BEZERK!
When to use: any time. When the men of khorne cut ’n’ burn in becomes contagious and soon their fleet is a smoldering ruin!
You gain D3 extra cut ’n’ burn templates. But no non daemon troops may deep strike and must come on from a board edge. Additionally all drop pods not used yet must come on in your next turn, place a large blast marker to symbolise each drop pod all models completely covered by this template count as being hit by a cut ‘n’ burn template. The models that were in the drop pods are removed as casualties. Points: 35
Thousand sons (tzeentch): flame on!
When to use: before your movement phase. A magic bombardment of fire from the thousand son’s weird ships pelts their army flinging those noble heroes into the enemy lines and setting fire to their weaponry.

All shots and attacks for that turn count as flaiming, furthermore all your HQs have a movement of 10” and can fleet for that turn. Points: 35
Plague marines (nurgle): plague them out!
When to use: in your shoot phase. Plague bombs are dropped onto buildings that quickly mutate and rot.
Place the large blast marker over a chosen area. All terrain covered makes 2 attacks at weapon skill 5, strength 5 and initative 5. All squads touching them are at -1 ballistic skill and -1 weapon skill. At the end of the turn remove the terrain from play. Points: 20
Ice bears (slaanesh): rain of icicles.
When to use: before the enemy’s movement phase. The gunship’s and drop pod carriers of the Ice bear’s chapter are covered in sharp ice. Now and again the crew of the space craft beat the walls of their ships with their weapons.      
1 squad on the board suffers 1 strength 4 hit per member of the squad. These blows ignore cover saves and all members of the squad that carry AP 1 or 2 weapons don’t receive an armour save. Points: 12
Space wolves: earth shaker.  
When to use: when a drop pod lands. The drop pods of the space wolves are heavy constructs that are dropped with force from a great height. They are the pride of the iron priests that they drop sending prayers to the emperor for their safe landing and full force.
All squads within 10” of the drop pod suffer 2 strength 4 hits per member of the squad. Points: 10
Daemons of slaanesh: inspiring flames.
When to use: at the end of your movement phase. Slaanesh sends flames through the sky that form symbols of slaanesh and the chaos icons.
All your daemon troops of slaanesh may move an extra 6” and then fleet. Points: 20

Daemons of khorne: sea of blood.
When to use: at the end of your movement phase. The rocks split and the trees crumble and blood spews from the ground!
All your daemon troops of khorne may move an extra 10”. Points: 20
Daemons of nurgle:
Daemons of tzeentch:
More bombardments for the other factions later in this issue.

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