Sunday, 31 October 2010

Dark eldar journey part 1

This is the pump house, where raiders and ravagers fly over to fill up on energy. I've modelled the walls to give the effect that a squad of Harlequins or other warriors armed with grenades have blown a path through the walls.
I added this piece of round rod to look like a cracked pipe
I've already blown up a dreadnought using this as a detonation charge building.
This is a slave factory, where orks and kroot slave away making loads of weapons and armour... well before they dropped a load of frag grenades on top of it!
The wind turbines were added to give the building that old warehouse feal. I made the floor so that you could still position snipers and heavy weapons teams out of reach.
These are the inside turbines where the hot air is sucked out through, but they've stopped because bits of rubble have been sucked into them.

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