Sunday, 21 November 2010

dark eldar journey part 2

Codex: Dark Eldar
I've got the dark eldar rulesbook and i've written up a 3000pt armylist using the normal force organisation chart and a spearhead! so hear it is...

  • Baron Sathonyx. 105pts
  • Archon, lord Vraesque with huskblade, blaster, combat drugs, ghostplate armour, shadow field, soul-trap and haywire grenades. 175pts
  • The brotherhood of shadow. 4 Incubi with Klaivex with demiklaives and onslaught and Venom with chain-snares, night shields and splinter cannon. 208pts
  • The night sparks. 10 harlequins with 8 kisses, 2 fusion pistols, death jester with shrieker cannon and troupe master with power weapon. 262pts
  • The hell-guard. 13 hellions with helliarch with stunclaw and phantasm grenade launcher. 243pts
  • The life shredders. 10 kabalite warriors with a blaster, a dark lance, a sybarite with ghostplate armour, blast pistol and power weapon and a raider with shock prow, enhanced aethersails, chain-snares, night shields, splinter racks, disintegrator cannon and flicker field.. 246pts                       
  • The skull flayers. 6 reavers with 2 blasters, 2 cluster-caltrops and arena champion with power weapon. 222 pts
  • The high flyers. 3 reavers with a blaster, a cluster-caltrop and arena champion with power weapon.121pts
  • Death-wings. 6 scourges with 2 blasters and a salarite with power weapon.172pts
  • Xenolith. 1 void raven bomber with 2 necrotoxin missiles, 2 implosion missiles, night shield and flicker field. 245pts                              
  • The sons of Vraesque. 4 kabalite trueborn with 2 splinter cannons, 1 shredder, 1 shardcarbine, haywire grenades, a Dracon with ghostplate armour and power weapon and a venom with chain snares and night shields. 181pts
  • The Wraith souls. 6 Talos pain engines (monstrous spearhead) with chain flails, additional close combat weapons and 2 stinger pods. 820pts   
I've got a raider, well sort of you'll find out next year!

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