Saturday, 1 January 2011

Dark eldar journey part3

I was hoping to kick off my dark eldar army the same way I started my chaos army, with Christmas!
I had prepared a list wich was given to everyone who asked what I wanted. So in the end most of my family bought me squads.
My parents got me a squad of Harlequins and a death jester (together with countless flying bases), my grandparents got me a raider, my Uncles and aunts got me, in total, a squad of kabalites, Incubi, hellions, scourges and reavers.
"A squad
worthy of
This meant I head a fully fledged army. For my HQ I took Baron Sathonyx (who I converted out of a hellion), For troops I took a squad of ten Kabalites in a raider and a squad of hellions (if you take the baron hellions count as a troop choice) and then I just added the other models in.

First of all here are my squad of hellions, the hell-guard. Thanks to the new flying base ball and socket design I'm able to pose my models in more dramatic poses. when spray painting models with flying bases I cover the stem with bluetac, this causes it to be unusable but it makes the model look more realistic. For their hair I first painted it fiery orange and then drybruched it with Tausept ochre.

My helliarch (right) is equiped with a phantasm grenade launcher but rather than give her the one in the hellion kit (which i'm not overly fond of) I gave her the kabalite one. Baron Sathonyx (left) is armed with a knife and staff. This staff was taken from the eldar farseer he killed and I use it to represent the bones of the farseer rule. The command skirt he wears is made out of a high elf cloack I painted over it with glossvarnish to represent leather.

My unit of Kabalite warriors is designed to be fast at all times, so none of their weaponry has the heavy special rule and they are mounted in a raider wich has splinter racks to increase their rate of fire.
The colour scheme may have been inspired by our cats, I don't know, but I thought it was very effective  when I first used it and quiet different to how i'd imagined.
My kabal, the comedians of death, fought along side the wraithkind kabal to save craftworld Lyanden from Hive fleet kraken, so i've included a few tyranids, painted in the hive fleet kraken colours, fighting with my men to create dynamic models (theirs another one with the scourges) and show our hatred of the race.
Harlequins are my favourite squad ever! and death jesters are even better. My army's look and feel revolves around them, also as my army is designed for city fighting they're a must have. Combine them with sewer rats and you've got a squad worthy of commorragh.

My death jester, Crucifen, cares not who he fights for so long as people will die in the process! The more comic the better! Crucifen and his fellow harlequins put on quite different performances to most of their kin, instead of the fall they portray their own victorys and defeats, slaying captives and slaves on stage in front of the laughing crowd.
On allot of the harlequin's bases i've added spare parts from the raider, sufficantly battered. Quite a few of them have the harlequin rune painted upon them aswell

To be continued...

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