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Location: West coast of Estalia
Story: the men of Hardenburg have been gathering support from countries throughout the old world for the invasion of Ulthuan. The high elves are rapidly loosing ground to Sigvald’s growing empire and the high council of arch-lectors worry that Sigvald may actually open the portal of chaos again. Their only hope is to take Ulthuan in to their control.
The high elves have come to here of a growing force of Stirlanders, wood elves, Brettonians, lizardmen, dwarves and even Cathayans. They must act quickly!
Alith Anar, the shadow king musters all the men Ulthuan can spare and gathers them into a fleet across the seas from Estalia.
The moment of this battle is when the high elf fleet lands, it had been spotted by a merchant vessel and VyshnevtskyII personally leads an interception force of Hardenburgers. This is the moment of the battle this is the time for greatness!
Points: 2500
Objectives: victory points
Each boat captured-100vps
Each character slain-85vps
Each unit slain-the units pts=vps

Prince Vyshnevtsky’s interception force
  1. Prince Vyshnevtsky, empire general with Runefang, pistol, full plate armour, shield and mounted on the griffon deathwing
  2. The seneschal of the black bears, Kurt helborg
  3. Adlegriff Pionier, master engineer with repeater handgun, light armour, pigeon bombs, enchanted shield, biting blade and van horstmann's speculum
  4. Karyagin champion of Volksgrad, Droyoska with blessing of the khan-queen, axe of oblast, biting blade, heavy armour, enchanted shield and helm of the old bear
  5. captain Marlow with full plate armour and the griffon standard
  6. Yann the bold, warrior priest with additional hand weapon, crimson amulet and armour of meteoric iron.
  7. 17 flaggelants with doom prophet
  8. 10 estalian handgunners with marksman with repeater handgun
  9. 10 estalian handgunners with marksman with repeater handgun
  10. 10 estalian handgunners with marksman with repeater handgun
  11. 10 estalian handgunners with marksman with repeater handgun
  12. 10 handgunners with marksman with repeater handgun
  13. 18 spearmen with shields and full command
  14. 8 knights of the innercircle  with full command and steel standard
  15. 5 outriders with barded warhorses and a marksman
  16. 18 greatswords with full command
Alith Anar’s fleet of sabotage
  1. Balshazar, level 4 arch mage using high magic with silver wand, elven steed, zolaorith robe, jewel of dusk and starwood staff
  2. Melchior star gazer, level 2 mage using high magic with dispel scroll
  3. Gaspar, level 1 mage using the lore of ice
  4. Aeiner, noble with shadow armour, reaver bow, ring of fury and shield
  5. Korhil
  6. 10 archers with hawkeye
  7. 10 archers with hawkeye
  8. 10 archers with hawkeye
  9. 10 archers with hawkeye
  10. 30 lotheren sea guard with full command and shields
  11. 1 tiranoc chariot
  12. 1 tiranoc chariot
  13. 4 lion riders of charce with full command
  14. 8 silver helms with shields and full command
  15. 4 ironguts with full command and rag banner
  16. 2 repeater bolt throwers
1 charnel pit
2 blood forests
1 blessed bulwark
Jesse's high elves won priority
High elf turn 1
the lion riders and silver helms hug the cover of one of the blood forests to avoid the fire of the handgunners
 the high elf archers advance to get in range of a target. the rest of the army advances
not in range

Aeiner shoots an outrider (see above)
Repeater bolt thrower 1 hits Vyshnevtsky's griffon with three shots of wich one wounds Deathwing
Repeater bolt thrower 2 has less luck as it misses Yann and his unit of greatswords by a matter of inches.

Empire turn 1
whole army advances

the outriders spin in their saddles and fire twelve shots right into their provoking antagonist killing him outright
Adlegriff sets loose one of his master raven bombs right in the midst of the repeater bolt throwers killing three crewmen slowing down one bolt thrower's rate of fire and completly destroying the other one

High elves: 0, Empire: 260

High elf turn 2
the lion riders and silver helms dash behind the blessed bulwark to avoid the fire of the estalian handgunners
the rest of the army advances cautiously

power 10
dispel 8
the greatswords, under Yann's guidance, dispel flames of the pheonix twice but the arch mage's power is still too strong for them and he still manages to cast it in the end and kills three

power 6
dispel 4
nulifies prince Vyshnevtsky's runefang making it heavy and blunted, causing the prince to abbandon it.

the high elf archers kill 20 handgunners, 6 flagellants and 2 knights turning the skies black with arrows!

Empire turn 2
the knights of the black bear charge the lion riders of charce in the flank
Vyshnevtsky charges a unit of archers but they turn and flee leaving him stranded amongst the high elves
Yann dispels flames of the phoenix from his unit of stalwart great swords saving the rest of the back rank from a fiery death.

Adlegriff's Raven drops a well aimed bomb directly into the horde of lotheren sea guard killing nineteen and wounding gaspar, more than making up for the loss of the runefang.

in the fight phase the seneschal and his knights completly eliminate the lion riders without suffering a scratch sending lions fleeing in every direction.

High elves: 100, Empire: 345

High elf turn 3
the archers who had fled from Vyshnevtsky rally easily
the lotheren sea guard and tiranoc chariots try to charge the knights but just fail to make it


power 8
dispel 4
casts cold breath on himself but fails to freeze a single knight

power 7
dispel 4
Melcior casts flames of the phoenix on the flaggelants sending four of the deranged pesamists up in smoke and flames

power 8
dispel 7
the greatswords dispel curse of arrow attraction but the archmage again still casts it

the last repeater bolt thrower fires a miserable six inches and misses, so much for multi-tasking crew men
the high elf archers kill four more greatswords and five handgunners

the knights of the black bear and the silver helms clash but fail to inflict any casualtys

Empire turn 3
the flaggelants charge the Tiranoc chariots but fail to reach them.
Yann and Karyagin both challenge Balshazar in turn but the coward refuses

the Handgunners shoot three of the lotheren sea guards

the seneschal kills two silver helms with an arcing blow from his runefang causing the elven knights to flee

High elves: 440, Empire: 345

High elf turn 4
the Ironguts bull charge into prince Vyshnevtsky like a ton of bricks, completly surrounding him
The Tiranoc chariots and lotheren sea guard finally reach the knights with their charge.
Melchior's unit of sea guard charge into the flank of the flaggelants hoping to stop them in their tracks.
power 5
dispel 4
casts ice breath but dosn't use it
power 5
dispel 6
Vaul's unmaking is cast at the greatswords but Yann uses the power of Sigmar to Dispel it and save his unit
power 5
dispel 4
The arch mage channels the power of Khaine at the greatswords and this time even Yann's power isn't enough and all the greatswords are wiped out.
He also burn's up 2 outriders with flames of the phoenix
The archers kill the rest of the outriders earning them more victory points and four more handgunners
The ogre's bull charge reduces Deathwings wounds to one, The Tiranoc chariots have just as much luck killing three heavily armoured knights with their charge
Melchior's unit manage to kill one of the raving mad flagellants, but the flagellants martyr three of their own in retaliation killing four sea guard and forcing them to flee from the depressed madmen.
Vyshnevtsky kills an Irongut but he is dragged into the dirt by the mercenaries. His griffon thunder stomps in revenge and kills another ogre but the ogres beat him up as well.
The Seneschal strikes apart one of the Tiranoc chariots.
Empire turn 4
Yann, Karyagin and Captain Marlow join the spearmen unit
Adlegriff Pionier and the lone estalian marksman shoot up an Irongut, hoping to avenge their prince. The rest of the Estalian Handgunners kill five elves.
The seneschal strikes the last Tiranoc chariot a powerful blow with his runefang, destroying it.
High elves: 805, Empire: 573

High elf turn 5
Korhil challenges the senechal but the first knight accepts certain death, stopping the lotheren sea guard in their tracks.
The Ironguts and Silver helms charge the spearmen and their new found leaders


power 9
dispel 7
Freezes ten spearmen completly solid with a winter wind

power 12
dispel 6
He blasts apart three Imperial handgunners with the power of Khaine and another flaggelant with a conjured phoenix of burning flames.

power 9
dispel 6
The arch mage nulifies Yann's magical armour but casts with Irresistable force causing him to loose a level.

The repeater bolt thrower misses.
A hawk eye Shoots the lone Estalian marksman.
The rest of the archers kill Adlegriff pionier saving them from the threat of pigeon bombs.

Korhil easily kills the first knight with one blow of his mighty axe.
Karyagin easily kills the last ogre Irongut in a challenge of Volksgrad.
The spearmen lead by Captain Marlow and Yann kill a silver helm making them flee.

Empire turn 5

the remaining handgunners kill three archers and the wizard Melchior

High elves: 990, Empire: 750

High elf turn 6


power 11
dispel 6
not in range

power 8
dispel 5
Kills five estalian handguners but the magic is too strong for him and he is ripped apart by the winds of chaos.

the archers wound Karyagin but the khan-queen's blessing saves him.
the lotheren sea guard kill a spearman

Empire turn 6
Korhil Challenges Captain Marlow but he must hold his prince's banner aloft and so refuses.
The spearmen get down to it and charge straight into the lotheren sea guard.
The Imperial Handgunners kill six high elf archers.
The spearmen kill a lotheren sea guard in combat and force the unit to flee.

High elves: 1175, Empire: 840

High elf turn 7
the silver helms charge into the seneschal's dwindeling unit of knights


power 6
dispel 4
Gaspar kills captain Marlow with a massive shard of ice in the chest.

The repeater bolt thrower misses
The high elf archers wound Karyagin again.

The seneschal strikes down two silver helms using the laurels of victory to cause them to back off.

Empire turn 7
Karyagin single handedly captures one of the high elf ships.
The knight's of the black bear charge Korhil.

the imperial handgunners gun down the fleeing silver helms and their estalian coleagues kill three lotheren sea guard 

The seneschal smites the mighty elf Korhil, with his dwarf forged blade

High elves: 1288, Empire: 1254

High elf turn 8


power 5
dispel 3
His spell is very easily dispelled by the seneschal

All the archers loose off their many arrows at Karyagin in the ship but all either miss or fail to penetrate his armour, But finally the lone hawk eye in blood forest fires one last shot at the droyaska! It flies through the air past the ships ballistrade and straight into Karyagin's un protected armpit and this time not even the khan-queen can save him! He dies! but the damage is already done...

Empire turn 8

The imperial handgunners fire on the lone hawk eye filling him with pewter bullets.

the seneschal's knights wipe out the rest of the lotheren sea guard
And the battle ends

High elves: 1288, Empire: 1899

Victory to the men of Hardenburg! On to Ulthuan!

Combatant of the match:

The seneschal was probably the combatant of the match for the empire army closly followed by his knights.
The seneschal and his unit slew Korhil, all the lion riders, four silver helms (causing them to flee twice), both the Tiranoc chariots and wiped out the remnants of the lotheren sea guard horde.
His Runefang and Laurels of Victory are incredible magic items helping you too easily win a fight.
And what's more he Didn't even take a wound!

the Ironguts Proved their worth as mercenaries when they took down Vyshnevtsky and his Griffon in a single round of combat. But their potential was crushed when they got into combat with Karyagin, who finished them off.
Marksman of the match:

Adlegriff Pionier showed us why Pigeon bombs cost 25pts, Destroying one of the repeater bolt throwers and slowing the other one down considerably on turn one and Blowing up two thirds of the horde of sea guard.
The lone hawk eye shot Adlegriff pionier and Karyagin single handedly, these two heroes were causing great wounds on the high elf army and this plucky lit'l fella shot them both where others had failed.

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