Wednesday, 16 February 2011

dark eldar journey part 4

me( dark eldar) and chaos space marines fight skaven and Sam Crawshaw

In turn 1 the Incubi and a squad of Bezerkers advanced through the building on the right flank and then fleeted all the way through it. The raider (contain ing my kabalites) and the hellions (with baron sathonyx) flew through the air towards the clanrats, while the voidraven bomber flew behind them dropping a void mine on them. The daemon prince ran towards the giant rats and the reavers flew over the stormvermin killing a few of them. In the shooting phase the oblitarators opened fire with their lascannons on the hormagaunts, killing 1.
In the assualt phase the kabalites and hellions (along with baron sathonyx) assualted the clanrats and their grey seer. baron sathonyx killed loads of the clanrats and the hellions finished them off (nicely softened up by the horendous fire power of the kabalites) earning them 1 pain token. the reaver jet bikers were taken down by the storm vermin in the end.

Now it was the swarm's turn. One of their Hormagaunt squads charged Into the Incubi while the other charged the hellions. the broodlord's genestealer squad flanked, assualting the daemon prince while the other attacked the oblitarators hiding behind the bushes. the skaven doom wheel rammed straight into the raider wrecking it with impact hits.

In the shoot phase the hive tyrant opened fire on the void raven bomber, but it was protected by it's night shield. the zoanthrope launched a psychic power killing an incubi and a few bezerkers.
In the combat phase the hormagaunts easily swarmed over the hellions dragging them down for their meal! the other squad didn't fair as well, only managing to kill the klaivex while his unit killed four hormagaunts.
the daemon prince was dragged into the dirt but the oblitarators only took 1 wound.

In the next turn the bezerkers assualted the hormagaunts while the kabalites and sathonyx fleeted out of the danger zone. the soul grinder finally arrived and the bomber launched the rest of it's missiles of at the giant rats. the two necrotoxins missed but the implosions hit, scattered and killed 4 rats and a gene stealer!
Next came the final turn for the tyranids and skaven. nothing much happened. Baron sathonyx was wounded and his shadow field destroyed and the defilers weapon was immobilised.

The game ended with the us10vps ahead of the others!

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