Tuesday, 30 August 2011

My ancient Scythian force

My Scythian force
Organised for Warhammer Ancient battles

I began collecting scythians in late 2009, having had a passion for Scythian history since reading about them in the encyclopedia of world history that I bought myself an incredibly long time ago. Despite having to translate russian and cope with paint proof plastic (only answer for a basecoat is stinky enamel paint... oh dear) I buy them all from Zvezda as their rates (£5.50 for 18 horsemen!) are amazing. 
As recently mentioned, I love cavalry (especially with bows) and scythians place me in my element on the tabletop. I have plans to add an Assyrian cavalry detachment, but its still a far off prospect what with starting a Wallachian army

Anyway, here's my 25mm 1100pt scythian Army, based up for warhammer ancient battles:
  • Subordinate King Madyes of Dnieper
  • Barbarian warlord with warhorse, composite bow and heavy armour 149pts
  • Lord Zaphyrion arbarian Chieftain with warhorse, composite bow and heavy armour 79pts

      • Warriors of the Dnieper
      • 14 Hun horse archers with leader, standard, musician and no throwing spears 309pts
      • Madyes’ bodyguard
      • 8 Parthian Cataphracts with shields, leader, standard and musician (bard) 223pts
        • Young warriors of Scythia
        • 13 Hun horse archers with shields, thrusting spears, light armour, leader, standard and musician 340pts

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