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day 2 - first battle of Nan Curunir

DateSeptember 1 
LocationNan Curunir Gap, Lower slopes of The Methedras
Army of Feldunorst and Elfhelm's EoredLegions of Isengard and Harad
Commanders and leaders
Theoden, Elfhelm, Dwalin, Bofur, EomerThe Ringwraiths
under four Dozen men, about two Dozen of whom are mountedmore than a hundred including 3 trolls
Dwalin Readied his axe, the force was growing nearer now but still he could not make out who they were, only that they were heading towards Heldunorst and for no other reason would an army head throught the Nan Curunir gap then to attack the hold. His men were lining up and two things were going through his mind; Where was Elfhelm and his Eored and the worry that the battle would wake the ents of Fangorn and thus spell death for them all, orc, dwarf and man alike.
Just then a horn sounded and he looked up to see Elfhelm's banner Flying in the wind and two dozen riders, their cloaks covered in snow, riding down from the Nan Curunir spring and then... Great joy! It was the king himself! Theoden was riding at the head of the horsemen, bringing his riders to the help of his vassal hold. Now they stood a chance.
But what was that creature high up in the sky

Theoden's Host (rohan)                                                                                 
  • Theoden, King of Rohan with heavy armour, shield and horse.
Elfhelm's Eored
  • Elfhelm, marshal of Riddermark with heavy armour, shield, bow and horse
  • Widfara, Outrider on horse
  • 4 riders of rohan with throwing weapons
Eomer's Eored
  • Eomer, marshal of Riddermark with throwing weapons, shield and horse
  • rider with Banner
  • 4 riders of rohan with throwing weapons
Royal Eored
  • Guthlaf, royal guard on horse with throwing spear
  • 5 riders of rohan with throwing weapons
Dwalin's Hold  (dwarves)                                                                                        
  • Dwalin, king with two handed axe
Thorin's Warband
  • Thorin Oakenshield, king with two handed axe
  • 2 warriors with shields
  • Gloin, warrior with bow
  • 5 warriors with two handed axes
Bofur's Warband
  • Bofur, king with with two handed axe
  • 5 warriors with bows
  • warrior with with two handed axe
Dwalin's guard
  • Durok, captain with shield
  • 3 warriors with bows
  • 4 wariors with two handed axes
Hunter's of Gollum  (fellowship)                                                                        
  • Strider with Elven cloak and bow
  • Gandalf the grey with elven cloak
  • Legolas with Elven cloak

3rd and 5th Legions of Isengard (Isengard)                                                                      
  • 18 Urukhai with Shields
  • 18 Urukhai with Pikes
  • 6 warg riders
  • 1 Isengard troll with Shield
The Haradrim of the west (Mordor/harad)                                                                        
  • 2 Ringwraiths on horses
  • 3 Ringwraiths
  • 12 haradrim with bows
  • 12 haradrim with spears
  • 4 haradrim raiders
  • 4 easterling archers with camouflage
  • 1 mordor troll
Goblin expeditionary force (Moria)                                                                        
  • 10 goblins with shields
  • 10 goblins with spears
  • 10 goblins with bows
  • 1 cave troll with spear and chain

    The battle was a legendary clash of high and lows from bothe sides and in the end it was one by Eomer, staying defiant and un wounded on the objective from turn two no matter how many urukhai (24 of which loads of them he killed), ringwraiths (he killed all 5), warg riders (killed all 6) and haradrim (quite a few) were thrown at him!
    Some highlights were the dwarf archers taking on the haradrim, uruks and mordor troll with the last archer sheltering for two turns in a log and finally being driven out by a haradrim spear poked through a hole. Also Aragorn, Dwalin, Bofur and Elfhelm fighting their way through the waves of Urukhai and haradrim, taking down a cave troll and loosing both dwrf kings to reach Eomer which they did! Then there was Theoden diving into the midst of easterling and goblin archers and killing them all by the end of the game! Gandalf leaping up a hill and blasting down the mordor troll, killing it! Gloin firing arrows from a bush in the midst of the urukhai! and the Urukhai having an amazing combat in which most dwarves were killed, only to be charged and killed by the rohirrim.
    in the end  Rohirrim victory was inevitable

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