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Battle for Spongia IX

For many months now Lord Lilithus had been persuing the Grey knights. Ever since Lady Kerr's defeat at the hands of Kaldor Draigo's Paladin squad Lord lilithus had been on their trail until finally he caught up with them on the Dormant Necron tomb world Spongia IX. Lilithus was intent on revenge and h knew that though Spongia IX was an imperial planet it was known that it contained a mass of catacombs in which lurked a dormant Necron civilisation.
He walked into one of the Crypts where he saw a whole legion of necrons lying dormant. He picked up a stone and dropped it onto the floor. The whole legion sat bolt upright and Lilithus began to laugh

This game was fought at warhammer world between six players (most of whom have featured in other reports). It was 6000pts aside with Grey knights, eldar and eldar against Necrons, Dark eldar and Chaos space marines.

Alliance of Revenge
  • Necron lord on Command Barge
  • Necron destroyer lord
  • Necron Lord
  • Lord Lilithus, Archon
  • Baron Sathonyx
  • Terminator lord
  • 7 man death watch kill team
  • 5 Incubi
  • 7 Harlequins
  • 3 Hekatrix bloodbrides
  • 5 Lychguard
  • 5 immortals
  • 5 chaos terminators
  • 10 Necrons
  • 10 necrons
  • 20 necrons
  • 5 hellions
  • 5 kabalites
  • 5 kabalites
  • 6 khorne bezerkers
  • 10 chaos space marines
  • 10 chaos space marines
  • 8 scarab swarms
  • 3 reaver jetbikes
  • 6 scourges
  • 4 chaos bikers
  • 6 necron destroyers
  • 2 necron wraiths
  • 1 necron monolith
  • 1 chaos predator
  • 1 chaos rhino
  • 1 dark eldar raider
  • 1 Defiler
  • 1 drop pod
Forces of Order
  • Avatar of Khaine
  • Avatar of Khaine
  • Seer council of Ulthwe
  • Castellan crowe
  • Brother captain stern
  • Librarian (nick named adolf after a painting accident)
  • 5 striking scorpians
  • 6 Harlequins
  • 10 Harlequins
  • 5 howling banshees
  • 5 fire dragons
  • 10 dire avengers
  • 10 dire avengers
  • 10 dire avengers
  • 14 guardians
  • 1 warlock
  • 5 rangers
  • 5 rangers
  • 7 grey knights
  • 8 grey knights
  • 5 terminators (with some crazy invincible creation of matt ward's which literall can never be removed from play. i don't know what it was called but we'll call it Matt)
  • 5 warp spiders
  • 5 dark reapers
  • 2 fire prisms
  • 1 night spinner
  • 1 warp hunter
  • 3 wave serpents
  • 1 venerable dreadnought
  • 1 dreadknight

The 12" by 4" board ready for action with fortress of redemption, two bastions and a landing pad
Our right flank defended by chaos space marines and dark eldar kabalites facing off against Eldar and rangers in the fortress of redemption
(one objective at each end of the fortress of redemption)
Our centre defended by my dark eldar and rogue space marines facing off against grey knights and rangers in the bastion
(one objective in the ruin between the dark eldar and grey knights)
Our left flank defended by necrons and the Defiler facing off against eldar
(the final objective was on top of the skyshield landing pad  and the other in the Ranger held bastion)
The Forces won priority but there first turn on the right flank was just an advancement, it got more exciting on our turn when the scourges took the lascannon turret objective and my kabalite squads ran for the fotress behind the cover provided by the chaos bikers and rhino (which set off a smoke screen)
Forces =1
Allies =0 (1)
In the centre flank the forces first turn was slightly more interesting with the dread knight letting rip with all its guns killing two hellions a necron and immobilising the raider before it could move. In the allies turn the dark eldar harlequins and hekatrix charge through the ruin objective, the harlequins assualting the terminators. Lord lilithus (whose transport was out of action) jumped out of his raider and lead the charge up the hill towards the bastions with his incubi bodygaurd. Baron Sathonyx and his hellions assualted straight into a squad of grey knights lead by Adolf but were all (save the baron) cut down with no casualties inflicted! The baron then turned and fled.
Forces =0
Allies =0 (1)
(Note: As i didn't have any men on the far left i have no idea what happened there throughout the entire game save that 4 lychguard, 2 wraiths and a lord turned up where there had been 20 dire avengers, 10 harlequins, 5 banshees, an avatar, the seer council, 6 destroyers, a destroyer lord, a command barge, a defiler, all the scarab swarms and a few tanks, and thats all i can really tell you. at the beggining they were there at the end they wern't also the game ended with no one holding the skypad so we'll discount that one for this report) on the left flank the necrons, together with lord lilithus and his guard, storm up the hill towards the defence line and bastions which were defended by two fire prisms and 5 rangers. The immortals were all blown to bits before they even moved.
Forces =1
Allies =0

When the 7 Harlequins engaged with the 4 terminators lead by Matt and the brother captain stern a suprising ammount of carnage insued with all but one terminator and the captain (including Matt) were cut down by the harlequins who took just two casualties (the troupe master and shadowseer). unfortunatly Matt pretended he wasn't dead and stood up again.
The unfortunatly nicknamed Adolf
Turn two on the right flank saw the warp spiders blast apart the scourgs and the fire dragons the bikers, though it wasn't all bad luck for the allies and the rhino somehow managed to wipe out the dire avengers.
Forces = 1(2)
Allies = 0
On turn two in the Centre Castellan crowe engaged the hekatrix bloodbrides killing one. The terminator, Matt, captain sterna dn the grey knights smashed up the rest of the harlequins only to have a drop pod land on their rear in the next turn and the deathwatch appear with guns blazing (their silly invulnarable saves protected  them however)
Forces = 1
Allies = 0

And finally on the left flank the venerable dreadnought charges into Lord lilithus and his bodyguard, however neither side does anything to the other as the dark eldar dodge out the way of it's fist missing with their haywire grenades. Then the monolith appeared inside the defence line on the hill and the monolith blows the bastion objective to pieces leaving a pile of rubble as the objective.
Forces = 1
Allies = 0

In turn three on the right flank the rhino is wrecked by eldar tank shooting leaving the Bezerkers to race out and assualt the warp spiders in the fortress. The kabalite squad that got as far as the lascannon turret objective also assualt the Warp spiders and together both squads slaughter the warp spiders to a man and the kabalites feed off the pain.
Forces = 1
Allies = 1

The Nemesis dreadknight appears to challenge the monolith!

The Avatar, Harlequins, Terminator and Grey knights assualt the killteam in their drop pod and massacre the lot!
Turn three in the centre saw the death watch wiped out by the terminator, avatar and harlequins but it also saw Matt blasted down by the chaos preadator (all guns blazing) and Castellan crowe chopped up by the remaining blood bride.
Forces = 0
Allies = 0 (1)

Turn three on the left flank was a bit more eventful, the venerable dreadnought and Incubi lead by lilithus did nought to each other but the two fire prisms are forced back and the necrons lead by their lord suceed in taking out one of the grey knight squads.
Forces = 1
Allies = 0
As you can see utter carnage on the far left where there had been an entire eldar army and the elite parts of a necron one there was now only 2 wraiths, a destroyer a destroyer lord a command barge and an immobilised defiler facing off against 4 banshees, an avatar, a shadow seer and a dire avenger.

On the right flank in turn four the last three kabalites assualt the rangers killing all five of them and gaining their 2nd pain token. But the fire dragons ran into the fortress of redemption followed by the dire avengers, cornering the kabalites. The chaos space marines assualt the warp spider.
Forces = 0 (1)
Allies = 1

In the centre in turn four the last terminator and grey knight take out the hekatrix bloodbride and one of the chaos space marines.
Forces = 1
Allies = 0

On the left flank it was uneventful as usual and no one was killed.
Forces = 1
Allies = 0
Luckily Grey knights are not famed for their brains. The last grey knight blasted off his incinerator cannon at point blank range into the useless drop pod and the vehicle blew up killing 2 harlequins and the grey knight himself decisivly taking out one of the force's last troop squads. This was the tipping point of the battle, the point that denied the forces victory

Turn five on the right flank saw the guardians wipe out the kabalites, the dire avengers capture the lascannon turret and the continuos battering of the warp hunter by the chaos space marines.
Forces = 2
Allies = 0
On the left flank however the Venerable dreadnought began to make progress taking out lilithus and three incubi.  the necrons lead by their lord engage brother captain stern and the Dread knight plunges his nemesis sword straight into the monlith blowing it to pieces
Forces = 1
Allies = 0

Adam urgently looks for a loop hole in the rules book

The 2 wraiths, 4 lychguard and necron lord appear behind the froces after carving their way through one entire eldar army. The rangers, dread knight and captain stern are surrounded.

 The entire right flank in all its glory. 7 immobilised tanks just over ten eldar, an avatar, 7 chaos space marines and 5 newly arrived terminators and a lord.
 The entire left flank in all its glory. a wrecked tank an immobilised vehicle and a wrecked command barge, a venerable dreadnought, dreadknight about 15 necrons a necron destroyer lord 2 dark eldar, 5 eldar, 2 wraiths, 4 lychguard and a necron lord
Forces = 1
Allies = 0
Having just moved into contact with the ruin objective Matt fails to realise that he is in direct line of sight  through two buildings of the desentegrator cannon of my immobilised raider (as i said grey knights arn't famed for brains). Matt was blasted to bits, this was the deciding moment of the battle.

The game ended 0:0 as all the objectives were now disputed from this last shot! a draw and turned from a loss by my immobilised raider and immobile drop pod (though the chaos terminators did engage all the eldar in the fortress of redemption but that was but minor!)

The two raiths the practicaly destroyed an entire eldar army and finished off the venerable dreadnought!

Lord lilithus looked on from the deck of his immobile raider. That Dreadnought had ripped one of his arms off and his leg was hanging by a thread, his ribs were all broken and some poked through his skin wich was dangling with his guts to the floor. But he didn't care, once he finally died of his fatal wounds the haemonculi would regrow him. He looked on at the scattered forces and the shells of tanks and buildings littered the field. The forces were to scattered to continue the fighting and Lilithus' fools had gathered up pieces from the dark eldar who had died and had fixed the raiders engines. the raider took off, Lilithus looked at spongia IX below him as he flew towards his galactic barge. Revenge was his, Castellan crowe had been sliced down and only the dread knight and captain stern were now left alive. "Me lord, your dying" said Lilithus' Reaver champion, "yes i am, throw my body with the rest of them send us to the haemonculi and  they'll regrow me... I think i'll adopt a new name, yes, how about Mr Chuckles!" then he droppeed down dead.

Warhammer world was great and was well worth a visit, there's the ciadel hall with miniatures painted by Gods, Bugman's bar (with the belly bursta and fat bloke burgers, i had a potatoe) and the shop that can order stuff from HQ within 2 hrs! Behind us a massive apocalypse game was going on with eldar and imperial guard against tyranids, necrons and tau. everything was on that table, eldar revanant titan standing on a chimera, a reaver titan, bio titan, harridan, barracuda, tons of imperial tanks, nearly over a 1000 tyranids and about hlaf that many necrons, two monoliths and loads of jetbikers. I think it was a tyranid victory as the revanant titan was cut down.
there was also a campaign tournament going on. one thousands son army in the campaign contanined a defiler converted with the top half of a necro sphinx.

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