Thursday, 15 December 2011

Deal wargames club

The main reason we didn't finish the Blog a day in October was because i was on holiday in Kent. While there i found out that a kent wargames club met at the end of my Grandparents road. So we visited...

Chairman, Adrian White (see one of the models designed by him below)
 ttp://, put on a WWII game that they had recently staged at one of the shows (and had reported in one of the mags), just for us! It involved our forces (British/Gurkha) making an amphibious landing across a river in Burma. We won if we managed to take the Japanese headquaters in the Burmese temple on the ridge.
They had really pulled out all stops, creating splash markers (for those japanese shots tht missed our boats), landing craft and wading models (cut a model in half and stick to see through plasticard)
the Gurkha landings went well with only a few boats sunk and a few men from those making it ashore.
With the Gurkha landings complete this was our force and soon we had cleared out all the Japanese from the low ground on the right wing and were engaged with those in trenches on the left. Our bombardments of the ridge also went well, with two mortars and some soldiers taken out by the blasts (and a good deal of crater markers where we missed)

at the end we had not yet captured the ridge, but we were making good progress and had just landed our British wave. so we can take it as a draw, we were on track to win but had not done yet.

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