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Battle of the haunted hills (part 1 from 21/08/2011)

In the year 2514 (the present year is 2515), the 12th year of our illustrious emperor Karl Franz's reign, the blessed council did meet the obsidian guard of Sylvania to do battle in the field over the haunetd hills. Here is what the chronicolers say:

For many months now, nearly a year, there had been no sign of the accursed vampire Raspartine. Throughout the empire it was known that he and Valmir Aesling had come to blows in a short and bloody campaign in Ostermark, and after four battles in which Raspartine lost both the crown of necromancy (originally owned by azhag the slaughterer) and two of his most trusted vampiric servants he was defeated. But he had not been in Ostermark, the campaign had been commanded by Lazarus the wight king. No, the last time Raspartine had been seen was at the attack in Tilea where he had been felled by Prince Vyshnevtsky II (who had been driven mad by the cheese blade of a plague priest). After this event he did not appear and men now say that he lost form for ever.
It was at this time that another Vampire gained power (though he was nothing compared to Raspartine). He was named Siriun by his victims (roughly translated into reikspiel meaning hellhound), but over his skeletal legions flew the banner of the obsidian guard!
He aimed to destroy Hardenburg while the majority of their force was away in the far south slowly marching north, time was against Siriun and he knew he had to act soon, but rather than attempting a full out assault of Hardenburg he reasoned that he must first destroy Wenceslas' stronghold in Licheberg if he did not want the vampire* to bring his force down from the highlands (gathering the pople of that land with him) on the rear of his besieging force and roll up the line.
So Siriun headed for Licheberg, intent on malice!

*Wenceslas was the brother of VyshnevtskyII and had been turned into a vampire by Morr so that he could rule over the town of Licheberg, which had been hit by a plague that turned all the people to skeletons. He was always Vyshnevtsky's trusted ally.

Location: haunted hills (east of the moot, north of Hardenburg)
Story: a vast horde of zombies and skeletons have appeared heading west towards Licheberg. The council of the blessed recieve news of this and ride out with their force to counter Siriun before he gets to Licheberg.
Points: 2000
mission: storm of magic
Objectives: storm of magic
scenary: 4 arcane fulcrums (representing 4 of the haunted hills, which are so full of necromancy that they count as fulcrums)

The council of the Blessed
  1. Pietr templar grand master with ring of Volans (okkams mind razor) and sword of fate
  2. Sigwalda the fiery level 2 battle wizard, lore of fire
  3. Gelada level 2 battle wizard, lore of shadow
  4. St. Domonic level 2 battle wizard lore of life
  5. Zhu level 1 battle wizard lore of light
  6. Yann the bold warrior priest with dawn armour, wyrm slayer sword and shield
  7. Sylvester Mc Hune level 3 truthsayer
  8. Wenceslas Montcalm level 3 vampire lord with tomb blade, flayed hauberk and lord of the dead
  9. Knights of the black bear 5 knights with standard, champion and razor standard
  10. Blessed Guard 3rd company 30 halbediers with full command
  11. Licheberg Yeomen 14 skeletons with light armour, hellfire banner and shields
  12. Thunderer great cannon
  13. Blessed guard 1st company 30 greatswords with war banner, champion and standard
  14. Blessed guard 2nd company 10 outriders with bardings
  15. Dragon fire hellblaster volley gun
  16. Sedu level 3 lammasu
  17. Brytua razorgor
  18. Sarkastadon sabertusk with bane claws
Siriun's Obsidian guard
  1. Siriun, vampire lord
  2. Kaeris, vampire
  3. Ripskin liversplit, necromancer in corpse cart
  4. Hester rabidlung, necromancer
  5. 44 zombies
  6. 30 skeletons
  7. 19 grave guard
  8. 10 crypt ghouls
  9. Flitch, Varghulf
  10. Corpse bane catapult (a contraption of Adam's creation, rules to follow at a later date - Benjo)
  11. Unicorn
  12. Young forest dragon
  13. Chimera
  14. Cockatrice
  15. Ghorgon
Vampire Turn 1 (lore of heavens)

The vampiric unicorn charges Sarkastadon

Power 15 Dispel 13

Kaeris Fires of a spectacular blast at the Outriders, sending half of the gagging to the floor, where they lay chocking! but the power is to much for such a lesser Vampire and he is blasted apart, also he looses his Fulcrum to the baboon Gelada who is transported onto it.
Siriun trys to cast raise dead and maladiction of Nagash, but with flicks of his staff Sylvester dispels them both

the young forest dragon, having hurtled towards the greatswords, sends a wave of fire across their ranks killing four of them

the Undead unicorn impales the sabertusk on its twisted horn and throws it to the ground!

empire: 2 vampire counts: 1

Empire Turn 1 (lore of light)

Pietr charges the unicorn, out to slay his first monster
The greatswords charge through the remnants of the dragon fire and into the forest dragon.
Sedu unveils his wings, landing atop Gelada's abandoned Fulcrum

Power 19 Dispel 10

Sylvester blasts open a hole in the ground with the seven sigils to reveal the previously concealed steam tank, Purgator!
Montcalm tries to raise a graveguard unit, but is foiled by Siriun

the outriders fire off their trusty handguns, blasting apart seven skeleton warriors
The Thunderer misses the ghorgun, taking out only 1 skeleton
Purgator blasts off its deadly volley gun, ripping 10 skeletons apart
Dragon fire blows itself up in an explosion of splinters and screws. doubhtless to say, all the crew are killed.

Pietr smashes off the unicorn's horn and, as it runs in terror, cuts it apart. His first monster!
The Forest dragon smashes two greatswords to the ground, burning up their corpses, but he also recieves a wound from Yann

Empire: 3 Vampire counts: 1

Vampire counts turn 2 (lore of death)

Flitch, Siriun and the grave guard charge into the horde of Halbediers
The zombies charge into the greatswords to help the dragon
The ghorgun leaps onto Gelada's fulcrum, planning to gorge on the little monkey!

Power 15 Dispel 13

Siriun Raises up ten (zombie) handgunners in front of the knights, muskets loaded and ready to fire!
And again Sylvester dispels another powerful spell, this time van hels dance maccabre

The Zombie Handgunners down a knight with shot.
And again the corpse bane catapult misses

27 of the 44 zombies are smited at the hands of Yann, st.domonic and the greatswords, who take only three casualties in return.
Siriun and his grave guard only manage to kill 3 of the 30 halbediers, and suffer two casualties in return. But all is not over, and in a maddened flailing of claws Flitch smashes 4 of the plucky state troop. As expected the halbediers flee, but they are not run down and they become blessed (or cursed?) by Tzeentch as they run through the shrine.
And as expected Gelada is flattened by the Ghorgun

Empire: 2 Vampire counts: 1

Empire turn 2 (lore of metal)

Zhu relieves the Lammasu of his Fulcrum
Brytua, the great pig, charges the flank of the zombies
Pietr charges the Ghorgun, hoping for another kill
The knights crash into the Zombie handgunners

power 15 Dispel 10

Wenceslas summons his wight king Captain with 16 grave guard from Licheberg, but he casts with Irresistable force, causing Sigwalda, Sylvester, Zhu di, Domonic and himself to take a wound.

The Thunderer wounds the corpse cart, smashing thorugh wood and bodies alike
The outriders only manage to kill two skeletons with their 15 shots

The Cockatrice Wounds Purgator twice, suffering two wounds in return
Pietr smashes the ghorgun with his mighty sword, wounding it. But the Ghorgun picks up the young knight and swallows him whole (in a later battle of storm of magic though, Pietr downed the Ghorgun in the first round of combat) Regaining both the wounds it had lost
Yann and the greatswords wipe out the rest of the 44 zombies
The knights destroy all the Zombie handgunners, but suffer a casualty! Who would have thought that 10 zombies could cause so much trouble.

Empire: 2 Vampire counts: 1

Vampire counts turn 3 (lore of shadow)

Siriun and the grave gaurd charge the Lammasu
Flitch charges into the Halbediers, marked by Tzeentch, but the Halbediers flee from this combat
Zhu di is attacked on his Fulcrum by a chimera
The ghorgun charges montcalm and his skeletons

Power 16 Dispel 11

Ripskin raises back nineteen zombies in front of the greatswords, but suffers a wound from the force used.

The corpse bane misfires, snapping apart in a flailing explosion of body parts, fire and wood.

The chimera easily crushes Zhu di into the ground, scrapping up his left overs and eating them.
The Ghorgun and skeletons kill three of montcalm's skeletons but the Ghorgun is wounded by the Tomb blade.
The forest dragon runs down the rest of the knights, who really didn't have much luck this day.
Purgator Grinds over the cockatrice squaishing the horrible creature flat

Empire: 1 Vampire counts: 1

Empire turn 3 (lore of Light)

The razorgor charges into the skeleton unit's rear
The greatswords charge back into the newly raised zombies, determined to down them once and for all!
The licheberg Graveguard charge the crypt ghoul's rear And the halbediers charge straight into Flitch the ever crazed
Sylvester takes Zhu di's abandoned Fulcrum

power 14 dispel 10

Sedu casts dance of despair (cast on 25+, remains in play, all enemy units have their movement, weapon skill, ballistic skill, initative and leadership reduced to 1, enemy wizards cannot cast spells)

the Outriders have more luck this time and avenge their mounted bretherin. They tear apart the forest dragon in a hail of bullets
the Thunderer kills Hester, blasting him from his Fulcrum

Purgator runs over the remnants of the corpse bane catapult, destroying any hope of its recovery.
Montcalm, his skeletons and the razor gor kill a skeleton and the Ghorgun
Yann and the 1st company easily eliminate the newly raised zombies.
The crypt ghouls are wiped out by the licheberg grave guard.
Flitch takes two wounds from the halbediers who recieve 1 casualty, tzeentch smiles as his plan un folds

Empire: 2 Vampire counts: 0

Vampire counts turn 4 (lore of Light)

The chimera leaps atop Sedu and they duel high above the battlefield, battered around on gusts of wind
Siriun leaps atop Sylvester's Fulcrum and the Vampire duels with the wizard who has caused him so much pain.

power 12 dispel 9

Ripskin atop his corpse cart dispels dance of despair and casts Dance Maccabre on himself

Siriun fails to wound the druid and is blasted back of the fulcrum, into his graveguard.
The chimera breaks Sedu's clutch and throws the lammasu motionless to the ground.
The razorgor continues to mash his way through the skeletons leaving only two standing.
Flitch tears apart six halbediers, and tzeentch's curse awakens! The rest explode in balls of tentacles.

Empire: 2 Vampire counts: 0

Empire turn 4 (lore of beasts)

Purgator moves to point blank range of th Chimera, clockwork whirring

Power 17 Dispel 10

Montcalm summons another of his wight captains along with 7 skeletal guard in Siriun's grave guard's rear, but casts with so much force that he forgets the spell and becomes level 1
Sigwalda casts fire ball barage but only kills 6 of Siriun's grave guard with the flaiming balls

Purgator fires enough shots into the chimera to kill it three times over
the Thunderer blasts apart the ever powerful Ripskin's corpse cart
the outriders kill two of Siriun's grave guard

Montcalm smashes up the last of the skeletons
Empire: 2 Vampire counts: 0

Vampire counts turn 5 (lore of death)

Siriun again, charges towards Sylvester leaping into a duel with him.

power 17 dispel 12

Ripskin summons 18 zombies in front of Montcalm's skeletons and the Razorgor Brytua, denying them access to the fulcrum

Siriun smashes his sword straight through sylvester's amulet, smiting the troublesome druid. The fulcrum is Siriun's!

Empire: 1 Vampire counts: 1

Empire turn 5 (lore of heavens)

The Licheberg Grave guard units charge Siriun's Grave guard (my bet's on the grave guard winning - Benjo)

Power 15 Dispel 9

All dispelled

20 shots from Purgator Only wound Siriun once
The outriders also wound siriun, but with only 15 shots
the Thunderer blows up sending shards of metal everywhere. the crew were never seen again.

Siriun's grave guard kill two of Montcalm's summoned ones

Empire: 1 Vampire counts: 1

Vampire counts turn 6 (lore of heavens)

the zombies blocking montcalm charge his skeletons
Ripskin claims a fulcrum, looking down at Montcalm fighting desperatly against the raised zombies

power 13 dispel 10

Cackaling Ripskin raises 20 more zombies as a flesh shield between him and montcalm
Siriun opens up a chasm in the ground and out of the chasm rises... Stevie! the steam tank, controlled by undead skaven (does anyone remember the battle report between skaven and bretonnians/empire, where Stevie fell down a krak in the ground? well its the same steam tank, raised anew! if you havn't read it its in a tale of another two gamers - Benjo)

Stevie fires off his gun at Purgator wounding it once.

In the grave guard pile up only one of Siriun's dies
Montcalm's skeleton warriors kill six zombies only taking one casualty

Empire: 1 Vampire counts: 2

Empire turn 6 (lore of death)

The Razor gor charges into Ripskin, hoping to throw him from atop his fulcrum.
Montcalm charges into the newest unit of zombies, desperatly battling forward
the grave guard bash up is joined by yet another unit of licheberg grave guard

Siriun is brought down by a rapid-close-range-volley from Purgator, this causes 10 grave guard to crumble

The razorgor Brytua, smashes ripskin's skull in, smashing him backwards off his fulcrum
Montcalm takes down 6 zombies with his tomb blade
the grave guard mash up sees 3 killed on both sides.

Empire: 1 Vampire counts: 0

Vampire counts turn 7 (lore of light)

Stevie rams purgator in a fight to see which steam tank really is the best
5 zombies and 3 grave guard follow Siriun and crumble

Stevie wounds purgator, smashing of a piece of clockwork
In the Grave guard mash up only 1 of siriun's guard remains battleing against a wight king.
7 zombies are slain by Montcalm and his skeletons

Empire: 1 Vampire counts: 0

Empire turn 7 (lore of fire)

montcalm and the skeletons charge yet another Zombie unit
the gretswords crash into Stevie prepared to down the ghost from their past

power 8 dispel 2

Sigwalda transports herself onto Siriun's old Fulcrum and St.domnic reawakens Sylvester on top of Sigwalda's abandoned one.

montcalm kills the final zombie, but to late to claim the Fulcrum
The wight king smights the last Grave gaurd

Empire: 2 Vampire counts: 0

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