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War in Wattonford: battle of the Scrolls of binding

This was one of those very special games where strange things happen and naught is as it seems. Each player was allowed up to one wizard and three monsters (from their own or the storm of magic rulesbook), in the end it turned out that there were two teams of two wizards and four monsters each guarding an arcane fulcrum. Half way through the game the Daemons (lead by Kairos) entered play from the throne of skulls in the corner.
Having been working the projector and monitors at my church for the easter holiday club all week I was in a bit of a rush to get the bus to my local Games workshop and stupidly forgot my camera (for those of you who have read you will understand why I could not use my phone...), this was a terrible shame as it was an amazingly pretty battle and would have looked great on camera but some pictures of the models we used as wizard generals and some others from previous games with detailed commentory on the battle will have to do (photos from Games Workshop).

The armies were as follows:

From the North they come
Aelfric Cyenwulf, Lvl 4 Chaos Sorcerer lord on disc of tzeentch with channeling staff, power familiar and warrior familiar.
Yoda, Lvl 4 Goblin great shaman with dispel scroll.
Ancient Stegadon
Chaos Giant
Frost dragon

The old pact is renewed
Melchior star gazer, Lvl 4 Arch mage
Lvl 4 Liche high priest with dispel scroll
Hell pit abomination
Tomb scorpion

For the glory of Tzeentch
Kairos fate weaver
blood crusher of khorne
blood crusher of khorne
Turn one went to the forces of chaos with Aelfric and the dragon spearheading the attack on the enemy fulcrum from the left while the Giant and Cygor took the right. The Stegadon and Gobbo held back to guard the fulcrum. The magic phase saw the greenskins summon a unit of fifteen "imaginary" orc boyz in the centre facing the skeletal priest on his fulcrum. Aelfric then tried to cast pandemonium (characters may never confer their LD, additionaly any roll of a double automatically miscasts) but the High priest threw up his dispel scroll to parry it, a slightly wasteful use of a dispel scroll so early on especially as it was only cast on an 8+ so could easily be dispelled next turn. Aelfric then cast flickring fire of tzeentch on the hell pit and took it down to two wounds, aslo setting it on fire in the process.

It was then the froces of order's first turn and it started off with the hell pit charging straight into the dragon. Melchior then lept upon the high priest's fulcrum, swapping places with him. The griffon flew round the flanks of the orc boyz and stegadon and the giant (disguised as father christmas) made a strike out for the chaos giant and cygor. In the magic phase they were rather buisy and created an extra fulcrum for the high priest before trying to nulify ours, which brought our greenish dispel scroll.
In the combat the frost dragon accidentaly caught fire from the hell pit and smashed the ratty thing up, such was the ball of flame that it was dead and there was no coming back, the dragon meanwhile took a wound.

Our next turn soon came round and we started drastic action! The frost dragon charged Melchior while the cygor charged into the father christmas giant. The orcs then turned to face the griffon and Aelfric decided to sit in between the opposing fulcrums. In the magic phase we cast pandemonium, and this time no ammount of dispelling could stop it. The rest of my spells were dispelled but the gobbo imbued his stegadon with as many powers as he could. The frost dragon breathed on Melchior and wounded him before failing to wound the dragon, but forstie was forced to step down as he had failed to squish the elf. The cygor then wounded the giant twice, taking but one wound, however it was an eadbutt and he was stunned for a while.
The forces of order then reacted to our assualt, th griffon assailed the chaos giant in the rear while the giant continued to pound the cygor. The magic phase went terribly, forgeting about pandemonium Melchior decided to summon something big (300pts size) but failed to cast and in the process also triggered the pandemonium miscast. The elf suddenly turned into a lvl 3 wizard before his fulcrum sent out a wave of magic turning all four wizards into frogs (the "imaginary" orcs chuckled to themselves that they couldn't tell the differnece in the case of their wizard). This spell apeared to have rather back fired on Tzeentch's sorcerer lord but it drew the magic phase to a swift close.
The christmas giant then smashed a wound off the cygor that was just standing there dazed. The chaos giant then swung his club at the griffon which had wounded him twice, but the griffon dodged it.
Our turn then came round again. The dragon charged back into combat with Melchior while the boyz all went headlong into the rear of the elven griffon as the giant was turning to face it. Aelfric failed his roll and remained a frog on a disc of tzeentch with two puzzeled familiars while the Gobbo managed to change back. So the orcs did a few orcy spells and all was over for that magic phase. The fighting saw the cygor-giant battle continue, while the griffon caused another wound to the giant before it yelled and balled. The griffon fled and the boyz and the chaos giant ran it down, almost hitting the fighting father christmas giant. Next turn the Chaos giant lept into the giant mash up and over two turns managed to smash up the giant, however the cygor was also taken down in the frey. The frost dragon had by now assualted Melchior three or more times and the mage was only on one wound,  but the high priest was in combat with the chaos giant and had just been wounded. However then the Elf cast unbind on my dragon and rolled a 5... This not Dragon's home, dragon go home... oh dear I had lost my dragon. Meanwhile Aelfric had turned back into a "real boy", But before anymore could happen the Daemons arrived.
Kairos fateweaver stepped down from the throne of skulls to cries of "look they are winning help us" from the high priest and "We are all one under Tzeentch" from Aelfric, but the lord of change lost no time in blasting off his spells at everyone, reducing the chaos giant to one wound (from five as he had eaten a bit of the other giant) and the orc boyz to five men. Our turn then came round and we tried to work out how we could counter this. We started with Pandemonium, which cast, before going on to cast infernal gateway at the fate weaver... in away we were so go back the way you came, but we did inflict two wounds on him. The dragon the bit off Melchior's head, however this looked like it might have back fired as Kairos could easily fly onto the pinacle of power and we would all be drawing.

It was then the tomb king's turn and they made quick of triggering pandemonium as the high priest cast the seven sigils of summoning. Gaspar, a lvl 2 high elf mage suddenly appeared on the un occupied fulcrum. The high priest then sent off his miscast, wounding himself and Aelfric before triggering his fulcrum which again leeched power (probably of a long dead bretonnnian maiden) which turned all the wizards (including kairos) into frogs again. The tomb scorpion then appeared next to the greenskin fulcrum.
The game was rapidly coming to an end, but in storm of magic this is the most rapid and exciting part of the game as everyone flings all they have at the fulcrums.
Everyone but the goblin then changed back into themselves and the blood crushers went haring into the remaining orcs and giant who they both slew. The tomb scorpion assualted the goblin mage (or should I say frog) atop our fulcrum not damaging him atall, before the ancient stegadon rear charged it and slew it. Now the elf and the high priest were left without a single servant... so they played dirty. Gaspar managed to nulify our fulcrum putting them 2-0 ahead of everyone. It was then the daemons turn and as always it was pretty nasty... Kairos blasted off a spell at Gaspar and the poor eleven mage threw all three of his dispel dice at the spell (us nasties held onto our four and refused to let them use them). The little elf was balsted into smitherines by the spell before Kairos then tried to cast transgar's transportation (you move to the nearestun occupied fulcrum) on himself but we dispelled it.
One of the blood crushers then squished the High liche priest flat before we put in our master stroke.

It was the last turn, there was little anyone could do to stop us. The goblin was now standing on a working fulcrum while Aelfric  flew up to the orginal elven one upon his disc of Tzeentch, where he pronounced victory in the name of tzeentch and teh Aeslings.

Wow, an incredibly fun game of storm of magic. These  "special" games that the stores hold are always great, and I do encourage everyone to go on Facebook and search their local store's events to see what is on. This also give me an extra 1000 campaign point (I have no idea whether this puts me joint first place with the ogres (who's general was commanding daemons today) or just below), the last storm of magic game was just like this, with myself winning the fulcrum with just seconds to go... but in storm of magic anything can happen and troops really make little difference... so why not go without as we did.

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