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Skirmish at Constantino - retreat to Corunna January 6th 1809 - home grown rules

The French gather to force the bridge at Constantino, the Royal Engineers having failed to blow it. Paget and Moore ready the rearguard to defend the bridge!

The French form an infantry column to rush the bridge, while skirmishers form on the flanks to cover its advance. Cavalry follow up to back up the assault, with dragoons on the left to force the gully

the column marches forwards, while the dragoons surge on the left. The flanking voltiguers, having taken heavy casulaties from Carthew's royal horse artillery, panic. Paget forms the 28th lights up as a reserve and sends forwards the riflemen to hold the gully

the column continues to suffer under artillery and rifle fire, while the voltiguers on both sides panic and fall back

the column, at last on the bridge, inflicts casualties on the 28th, causing them to scatter. However, the column, though solid, had taken heavy casualties, losing nearly half of its men

The dragoons approaching the gully side open fire on the riflemen, but caused few casualties.
The French cavalry now moved up to follow up on the column's halting attack on the bridge.

The column held firm, continuing to hold its own on the bridge

The riflemen and 28th lights continue to pepper the advancing Frenchmen

The small contingent of highlanders and the 28th nearby concentrated their shot on the bridge, demolishing the column, almost entirely

The steady advance of the dragoons and the concentration of British forces against the attempt on the bridge, now left the path clear to the dragoons to cross the gully

The British artillery attempted to fire on the dragoons, but they were too well covered to be hit.

The dragoons make their way across the gully

The dragoons congregate to prepare for their attack on the British

As the dragoons formed themselves up and began their column's attack on the British right, the cavalry brought their charge over the bridge, followed by the remaining voltiguers, who had suffered terribly from the British shooting

The Dragoons volleyed the British flank, but with the artillery enfilading them, their cavalry taking incredibly heavy casualties, and their own volley causing little impact, the French decided to fall back, and the British were allowed a clear march for the day.
British minor victory!

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