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day 5 - 19th century Risk

The Year was 1816; the year that a Moldavian prisoner (about to be executed by de capitation infront of Mahmud II sultan of the Ottomans) broke free of his guards and smothered the Sultan with his own turban, suffacating him! After this John King of Wallachia siezed the Ottoman empire merging it with Wallachia and Moldavia. After this Europe tumbled into war faster than a falling russian puppy!
First of all the British declared war on the Ottomans realising they were becoming to powerful and that soon they may be the next Napoleon. Then the Prussians (allies of Wallachia) declared war of the British. Then Russia, Britain's ally declared war on them both. After this the alliances of the North sea (Between Britain and Swesen) and Mediterranean Sea (Between Wallachia and Naples) were formed dragging in America and France as well.
Very soon nearly the whole world was in a slow and desperate struggle to deny power to the Ottomans whilst gaining and protecting their own.

RED: King Ferdinand I of the two Sicillies, Emperor of India, Barbary, Madagascar, Alaska, the urals and Argentina. Ally: James Madison Prsident of America

BLUE: King John Caradja of Wallachia (myself), Emperor of Turkey, Arabia, The balkans, Ethiopia, Sudan, Zulu land, Peru, Venezuala, Siberia, China, Indonesia and Quebec. Ally: Frederick William III King of Prussia and Batavia
BLACK: Prince regent George IV of the united kingdom, Emperor of Australia, Egypt, Siam, Greenland and western America. Ally: Nicholas I emperor of all the Russias and Mongolia

GREEN: King Charles II Bernadotte of sweden and norwat, Emperor of Mexico, Japan, the Congo, Brazil, Ontario and Iceland. Ally: King Louis XVIII of France, spain and Portugal

Placement of Armies: The Walachians amassed 420,000 Jannisaries in Turkey, leaving only 60,000 men in defence of Indonesia, whilst the Prussians amassed 180,000 Fusiliers and Jaegers in Schelswig. The Italians amassed 240,000 men in Milan and 240,000 sepoys in India, whilst the Americans only amassed 60,000 men who gathered on the east coast.
The British had Amassed 240,000 sepoys in Siam,  150,000 men across their american territories, but only 60,000 men in their own country, whilst the Russians had gathered 180,000 horsemen in Mongolia. The Swedes amassed 120,000 men in south america, 90,000 native pygmies and swedish territorials in the congo, 90,000 men in Mexico, 90,000 in ontario, 90,000 in iceland, 90,000 in afganistan, 90,000 Ashigaru in Japan and only 60,000 men in their home country, whilst the French ammassed 90,000 on the south coast

Massed Walachian Jannisaries
1817: The Italians start of the fighting with the 1st alpine campaign (90,000 italians lost their lives but it spelled the end to louis XVIII's rather short reign and his 90,000 men all were either killed or captured), the River war in Egypt (The British lost 30,000 men to only a few hundread italian casualties in a large scale naval battle along the nile. At the end British power in Egypt was Broken) and the 1st Indo-chinese war (A failed conquest of Siam which cost 90,000 italian lives for only 30,000 british)

Italians storming the streets of Paris
1818: The glory of the turks was proved with the 1st Afgan war (90,000 swedes were killed while the Turks only lost 30,000), the Marvellous Northern war (60,000 swedes and 60,000 russians lost their lives to an army of 220,000 Janniseries only killing 30,000) and The invasion of Britain (60,000 British men were killed in an invasion by the turks who took only a few hundread casualties, the turkish invasion was strengthened by scottish rioting). John of Wallachia retires to his homes in England and Austria

Turks fighting Russians in Marvellous northern war
1819: The British and Russians fight the island war (150,000 men invade Indonesia by Catamaran killing 60,000 auxiliary Janniseries in a failed evacuation attempt by the Ottomans while taking minimal losses of a few hundread) and the Amur war (60,000 russian-mogols are killed, but 60,000 Americans Unions and 30,000 turks are slain and Kamchatka, Alaska and the Northwest Territory are conquered)

Mongol Commander accepting the American general's surrender
1820: The Peruvian war (60,000 swdes are killed by 30,000 Wallachian troops in defence of the last Inca city, but in the end the Swedes take it) , Nigerian war (30,000 Italian Goums take down 30,000 Pygmy auxiliaries but eventually the Swedes wipe the Goums out), Siberian war (60,000 swdes march into Siberia as the Cossacks in turk service Dessert) and the Invasion of Washignton (90,000 french men are killed in the siege of Washington, but in the end the 60,000 Italian defenders are all shot and James madison is forced to flee to Naples) are fought

Italian Goums marching along a ridge in Pygmy controlled area
1821: Napoleon dies on St. Helena, some of his last words are reputed to have been "By my Life, some one stop the british!" also the 2nd Indo chinese war (180,000 Italian Sepoys take Siam and attack Indonesia but fail to take it, they suffer 30,000 casualties but kill 90,000) and Morrocan landings (60,000 Italians sail from Italy to Morocco and Kill all 30,000 of the swedish auxiliary Pygmies stationed there, but tak 30,000 casualties on the beaches) are fought, and the Peruvian war (30,000 Italians attack Swedish Peru, but they are all killed with less than a hundread Swedes killed) and Siberian war (60,000 Italians invade Irkustk, killing 30,000 with minor casualties) rage on 

Italian Sepoys over besieging British held building in Siam
1822: The translation of the Rosetta stone leads to an uprising in Italian-Egypt which is crushed by the turks (90,000 turks invade and slaughter 30,000 italians, but the whole thing is written of as an accident and ignored by the Italians), the 1st North sea war (60,000 Prussian launch an Attack from Norway on Iceland but they are all slain on the Icelandic Beaches by an army of 90,000 Swedes) takes place

Swedish Troops assualting Prussian entrenchments
1823: The British Amass an army of 240,000 sepoys in Indonesia, and the Swedes do a deal with the Russians, Trading Japan for Mongolia.

British Sepoys training
1824: The war of the steppes is fought (60,000 Ashigaru invade China, but bothe the turks and the Swedes take 30,000 casualties) and the 1st north sea war (The Swedes launch an Invasion from Iceland with 60,000 men taking back their homeland and Great britain and killing 60,000 prussians) and Peruvian war (30,000 Swdes destroy the last stronghold of Italian power in south america) continue

Scottish freedom fighters helping the Swedes to drive the Prussians from the British Isles
1825: Steppe war continues (120,000 Italian Sepoys kill 30,000 Ashigaru, taking 30,000 casualties but also conquering china). Ferdinand Dies

Italian Sepoys staging an ambush for an Ashigaru supply train
1826: The jungle war is fought (60,000 turks march into the congo and crush all Pygmy resistance, slaughtering 60,000 pygmies they then marched into North Africa leaving the congo under Italian Rule) and the 1st North sea war (60,000 Prussians invade great Britain followed by Scandanavia, with the swedes taking 60,000 casualties) Continues. Italian troops are sent into the Balkans to defend the Ottoman home lands 

Prussian troops take a bridge on the Thames
1827: The Quebec Landings (90,0000 Russians scale the cliffs around Quebec and besiege the city, they kill 30,000 canadian Jannisaries with only a few hundraed losses) are fought and the war of the steppes continues (Irkusk falls as 120,000 Russians kill  60,000 Italians taking 30,000 casualties). The Italians give up their African possessions to the Turks, moving troops into the Ukraine and Afranistan.

British troops helping the russians to take Quebec
1828: The mangler war (60,000 Swedes attack Venezuala, slaughtering the last 30,000 non-swedish troops in south america) is fought and the Steppe war (30,000 Swedes attack the urals, killing 30,000 italians but the attack is called off. 90,000 Russians march from Irkustk into Mongolia, leaving it to be occupied by the Swedes) continues
Russians Marching through the cold wastes into Irkustk

1830: The steppe war (90,000 chinese Auxiliaries kill and disperse 90,000 Mongol horse archers, occuping it) continues. 60,000 men are raised in Naples. George IV dies while reviewing troops in Quebec, he never sees his country liberated.

Anzac'z parading at George's funeral in sydney
1831: 2nd north sea war (240,000 Prussians invade Iceland and Greenland, killing 60,000 swedes and 30,000 british and taking 90,000 casualties) and the American sweep are fought (270,000 Turks and Goums land in Brazil and very quickly take Argentina, Peru, Venezuala, Centeral America and the Eastern united states, killing 180,000 swedes while only taking 30,000 casualties. Possibly the best single act of Invasion ever seen)

Goums charging up hill (wearing turkish Turbans) in Texas
1832: The War of Anzac expansion (300,000 Anzacs land in Siam and very rapidly take control of India, China and Mongolia, killing 270,000 Italians to only 30,000 casualties) 
Anzac troops landing in Siam with Italian troops waiting for them

1833: The Turks re-establish Italian power over the eastern united states, and put James Madison back in Washington, and take back the Middle east. The war of the end of the american sweep (60,000 Swedes march into Washington from Ontario, taking 30,000 casualties but destroying all the Italian troops in occupation. During the battle of washington James Madison is killed when a blocked gatling gun blows up next to him. His last reputed words were to its crew "Its not blocke! Fire why don't you!" and the war of Russian Domination are fought (270,000 Swedes March all the way from Siberia to the Liberation of Paris, conquering the Urals, Afganistan, Ukraine, Italy and France. They killed 210,000 Italian soldiers only taking 30,000 casualties). After this the Swedes toppled Ferdinand IV from his throne and he fled to Wallachia where he was taken prisoner by his ally King John (who was worried that the Swedes might try to re-establish him as a puppet monarch). Later Ferdinand II went completly mad.
Members of the Italian Gatling division

1834: The Illyrian Invasion (420,000 Turks launch a Revenge Invasion on Italy, with the plan to re-establish Ferdinand, but the plan fails misserably with 270,000 turks killed and the rest evacuated for only 60,000 swedish casualties) and Indo-Arab wars (150,000 arab Janniseries Invade India killing 120,000 Anzacs to 120,000 turkish casualties) are fought

Swedish Alpine cavalry run down turks as they flee to their make shift sand bunkers on an the coast of italy
1835: The 3rd North sea war (300,000 Russians sail from Quebec to Greenland and then to Iceland, Norway, great Britain and finally mother Prussia herself was conquered. 180,000 Prussians were killed in the war but 150,000 Russians were also slain.)
Russian ships sailing across the norh sea, still on fire after their last engagement

1836: war of the Pillars of Hercules (30,000 swedes attack Morocco but are all shot down on the Beach by Goums who take 30,000 casualties)
Goums prepare to fire shots through the flag of Sweden's ally

1837:  the 2nd Indo-chinese war (30,000 Turks attack Siam and kill 90,000 Anzacs pushing them back to Indonesia). Morocco, Egypt and the Sudan raise 60,000 men as garison. Queen Victoria crowned

1838: the 2nd american sweep (630,000 Russian and British Soldiers invade south America, adding the whole new world to her Empire. 210,000 turks are killed but 390,000 British and Russians die). The Swedes and British trade Ontario and Britain for Sweden and Iceland
Franco-Swedish Auxiliaries fight off Venezualan natives only seven years after it was last freed from their control
1839: The swedes decide the British are now a threat to them and Break the alliance. The Himalayan war is fought (The Swedes take Turkish India with 30,000 killing 30,000). Swedes ally with Turks. The war of the north is fought (The swedes take British occupied Prussia with 30,000 killing 30,000).
Swedish foreign force storming Turkish trenches in the Deccan

1840: Morocco, Egypt and the Sudan raise 60,000 men as garison, totalling each garrisson to 180,000 men. the Borneo war (90,000 sepoys invade Indonesia killing all 30,000 Anzac defenders and suffering 60,000 casualties)

Turkish Sepoys defend their forward trenches against ANZAC sallys in Indonesia
1841: The africa sweep (660,000 british march through all Africa, through Ottoman empire, India, Siam and Indonesia. 600,000 Turks and 30,000 Swedes are killed but so are 270,000 british) and the 2nd steppe war (120,000 russians invade Siberia killing 60,000 swedes without any casualties recorded). Gheorghe king of Wallachia joins Charles II's staff.

Gheorghe and officers preparing to make a quick get away from Indonesia
1842: The Arctic war (300,000 Prussian troops in swedish service launched a mass invasion on the east coast of Canada, taking Grenland, Ontario, Quebec and the Hudson bay killing 120,000 British troops but taking 180,000 casualties in the process. After wards Gheorghe Bibescu king of Wallachia was made Govenor of the Hudson bay and Ferdinand was made Govenor of Quebec, which counted for little as the Regency of Naples had been signed over to John since Ferdinand's madness), 1st Sudanese campaign (150,000 Swedish troops attack Alexandria. Once taken they advance straight through Egypt and into the Sudan suffering 60,000 casualties and inflicting the same on the British) and inavasion of Britain (90,000 swedes attacked Durham taking 60,000 casualties and only inflicting 30,000 but britain was Sweden's) were fought

A Swedish auxiliary turk under Oreste Baratieri fight Major Gordon

1843: The Hudson bay Campaign (720,000 British and Russian troops retake Ontario and Quebec and also conquer Greenland and Iceland killing 120,000 Prussians and 30,000 americans taking 180,000 casualties) , Grand European campaign (420,000 British troops Conquer Sweden going on to re-take Great Britain and then the rest of Europe save Russia, they kill 150,000 swedes but take150,000 casualties) and 2nd Sudanese Campaign (120,000 British troops invade Egypt and then Sudan taking 60,000 casualties and causing the same) are fought

Swedish-Italian troops defend the govenor's house in Alexandria from Mahdists and British troops
1844: Oscar, king of Sweden, divides his Russian kingdom between Gheorghe Bibescu and Ferdinand II in the hope of survival. Charles Bernadotte of Sweden dies in Moscow, his country un libertated.

Swedish troops throw down their weapons and flags in Moscow and Surrender to Sir Robert Peel
1845: the Russian Campaign (720,000 British and Russian troops attack Oscar and his allies. 90,000 swedes, 30,000 Italians and 30,000 turks are killed along with 120,000 British). It is too late to stop the British and they become the largest empire ever to dominate the world, with allies, vassals and territories in every land.

All the commanders surrendered. 
Gheorghe Bibescu was exiled to the Isle of wight under guard in carisbrooke castle,
Oscar was exiled to Trinadad and

Ferdinand II was exiled to atlantis with a millstone round his neck.

Historical overview
The game did finnish off very historicaly accurate with Britain Dominating the world, Even so John Caradja got the last laugh having retired to England in 1818 he turned out to be on the winning side! Later John and Gheorghe established a strong Wallachian community on the isle of wight.

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