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day 7 - Boudicca's last battle

Brutus Thracus Sagitarus was born in Scythia, he was a Sarmatian who had settled in the roman empire. He had signed up as an Auxiliary, and had risen through the ranks, but now he had just been promoted from Centurion of the Marines stationed in Britain to one of the Decurion's in charge of the Auxiliaries. Under his command were the red shields from Dacia, the Green shields from Thrace, the blue shields from Palmyra and the marines. He drew his men up along the flanks with Centurion Haddius of the XIVth legion in the centre with the XXth.
Then they saw the Britons. And a hail of sling shots came whizzing towards them, taking a few Auxiliaries down. "I'm sorry Gaius, but I must get to my Marines", and with that Brutus rushed  from Gaius Governor of Britain and the Bearer of the Eagle to the Right flank.

The battle was fought at Verulamium Museum. It was a participation event but there was only one busy point the rest of the time it was just a few of us. I was joined by the guys from Black wolf wargaming and a couple of re-enactors from the XIVth legion. Myself and the Re-enactors fought on the side of the Romans and the Guys from Black wolf gaming were shared equally between.
Rules: Warhammer Ancient battles, 1st edition
Models: 1st corps and Gripping beast (and some that must have been warlord)
Objectives: the Romans won if they were still holding the line in 4 hrs, the Celts won if the Romans weren’t 

The Roman army was made up of: Gaius Sutonius Paulinus Governor of Britain, The eagle bearer, The XIVth legion (3 units of 15 Legionaries, 8 Auxiliary archers), The XXth legion (15 Veteran Legionaries, 15 Legionaries, 4 Auxiliary archers),  Right flank Auxila (2 units of 15 Auxiliaries, 15 Marines, 10 auxiliary cavalry), Left flank Auxila (2 units of 18 auxiliaries, 10 Auxiliary cavalry) and the Praetorian guard (20 Praetorian guard) 
The British Army was made up of:  Boudicca in Chariot, 2 Chieftains, 2 Druids, 18 warbands of 32 warriors, 18 slingers, 5 units of 10 cavalry and 8 chariots

A Celtic warband of 32 warriors and a chieftain crashes into the Blue shield Auxiliaries and XXth legionaries, watched over by Boudicca. They suffer five Casualties Killing only two auxiliaries, and as expected they bolt.
The Green shields and Red shields on the left flank hurl their Pilum's at the advancing Celts killing four, and they too bolt into their own ranks
The Britons cause carnage in their ranks as many push through others who in tern start to run, soon Boudicca stand defiantly looking at the Romans surrounded by fleeing warriors.
The Roman Battle line waits for the next assault.
The Britons on the right flank advance towards the marines (blue shield with white triremes on top) closely watched by Boudicca at their rear.

A fresh Celtic Warband hurtles into the Marines and green shields on the Right flank, taking three casualties from a hail of Roman Pilums. They then kill three of the Marines before taking another three casualties in Return, but surprisingly they hold.

The depleted Celtic Warbands rally in the front ranks, not what the Britons were hoping for as, this kept fresh warbands out of the fight.

The First unit that charges continues to flee, there chieftain at the head. On the Right flank (roman) the Legionaries prepare to attack the Celtic warband if it breaks through the Auxiliaries (the Celts would have to pursue and would be left vulnerable and behind roman lines in the open!)
The Celts continue to smash Brutus' (my) Auxiliaries killing 2 more whilst taking the same number of Casualties.

Brutus' (my) Marines take a battering but keep the Celts at bay with only one rank, neither unit retreats and the slaughter continues.
The Legionaries and red shields find themselves embroiled in combat with  three British warbands and a chieftain, the largest (chieftain's) warband directed at the XXth legion.
The cavalry join the Legionaries in waiting for the Britons to break through.
Gaius Sutonius Paulinus positions himself and the Eagle near the breaking line, to insure they don't fall.

The Celts continue their battering, killing a green shield Auxiliary and taking two casualties.

The Auxiliaries and Marines Break and the Celts Pursue cutting them all down but exposing themselves to the XXth Legionaries and Cavalry.

 The Chieftain and his warband prove to be no match for the veterans of the XXth, and suffering just two casualties they flee, the disapproving Charioteer looking onwards
After that round of combat a lone warband stands definitely facing the roman line, as their comrades bolt for the hills behind them

 The XXth Legionaries rush towards the Britons that broke through the line. The Celts flee but the Romans catch up with them, and brake the unit sending men and limbs in every direction.
 One of the Druids at the back of the Celtic army with the carts.
 The Roman Battle line charges forwards engaging the lone standing Warband.
Many of the Warbands bolt, broken and fleeing as the Romans move their battle line closer engaging those not yet fleeing.

 The last standing warband flees, broken by the Roman might. Roman victory seems almost certain
Boudicca's horses confront the roman Battle line

The Britons flee in terror, leaving the Romans in command of the field
Boudicca looks on in despair.

Roman Victory!
Gaming Overview: many of you may have heard me go on about how great warhammer ancient battles is, but this was in fact my first battle using the rules, and i must say they make for extremely realistic (in some cases) gaming (the fact that a roman emperor could receive 3 attacks is a bit crazy but include 2-3 models as a bodyguard and it makes perfect sense).

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