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day 6 - Rossbach sequel... Leuthen

For the second part of our Campaign we were much more organised, using the same rules (some speedily written rules, loosley based on those by Graham harrison, Junior General and Die Krigsunt, written by my opponent and appropriatly named the seven years war) and the right number of models, it was staged in my games room.
  • The Austrian force: Charles of Lorraine, Charles prince de Soubise, 1 regiment of french cavalry, 1 regiment of 75 french infantry, 1 regiment of 75 austrian infantry, 5 regiments of austrian infantry, 6 regiments of Austrian cavalry and 8 austrian cannons
  • The Prussian force: prince Henry, princess Wilhelmina, colonel Von Brandenburg, 2 regiments of Hussars, 1 regiment of Dragoons, 1 regiment of Curiassiers, 3 regiments of Musketeers, 6 regiments of Kanitz grenadiers, 3 regiments of Fusiliers, 4 Jaegers and 5 cannons 

Von Brandenburg surveys the Battlefield

The Prussians Advance at Double time, Willhelmina's cavalry advancing on the right flank and Henry's Infantry moving round the marsh towards the town of Leuthen

The Austrians Limber up their guns and advance forwards along the Valley like gap between the town and marsh.

The Cavalry charge down the right flank
The Kanitz grenadiers look stern facedly towards the austrian artillery

Charles of Lorraine waits for the Prussians to come in range of his cannon
The fusiliers and Musketeers advance towards the Leuthen fortifications, with the others preparing for the arrival of the French and the Grenadiers shielding the other troops from the cannon, taking some casualties.

The charge of the Kanitz Grenadiers. An obviously foolish move of Henry's, the Grenadiers prepare to charge the artillery battery head-on

The Hussars fire off their carbines at the artillery taking out a cannon and several crew from the safety of Leuthen

Some of the Austrian cavalry brake through the Curiassiers leaving only one alive and forcing the un armed Wilhelmina to flee on her prized horse. The Dragoons and Hussars exchange shots with the infantry in wich the dragoons un doubhtedly come off worse
Prince Henry settles down to command the battle from Leuthen, his Musketeers advance on the right flank and his Fusiliers settle down to defend his rear. Over on the right flank the Prussian cavalry charge into the Austrian infantry.
The Charge of the Kanitz grenadiers did not fail as expected but (with the hussars help) took out the Artillery battery

The Prussian cavalry cause much damage but loose many men

Charles de Soubise arrives with the french regiments from Rossbach, but where next to attack? the grenadiers who are expecting him or the artillery who will blow them to pieces

Princess Wilhelmina's flank crumbles away to nothing and she flees leaving Henry's musketeers to clean up the cavalry
The Kanitz grenadiers smash their way through the Austrian Right flank, while the von Brandenburg fusiliers turn to prepare for the french charge
Brandenburg observes the Battlefield. The Giant regiment of Austrians had entered Leuthen and captured Henry off his guard (he did take 5 down with him though).

on The right flank three well sized infantry units face off the remainder of the Austrian cavalry (most of the cavalry units actually had only three men left at this stage) and the block of infantry
The Kanitz Grenadiers open fire into the ranks of the Austrian's Killing Charles of Lorraine
The French regiment of Massed infantry advance on the hill, Von Brandeburg bathed in light prepares to make his final stand.
Battle of Leuthen
Part of the Seven Years' War
Date5 December 1757
LocationLeuthen, Prussian Silesia, present-day Poland
Result Austrian Victory
Kingdom of Prussia PrussiaHoly Roman Empire Austria
Commanders and leaders
Prince HenryCharles of Lorraine
167 guns
220 guns
Casualties and losses
36,000 dead
2 escaped
167 guns
220 guns

Historic review
Many of the Austrians fell and from over 600 models they were left with barely 100. Von Brandenburg and Princess Wilhelmina, both having no weapons fled. But the Jaegers and Artillery stayed behind selling their lives dearly and inflicting many casualties on the Austrians.

The Austrian advance was halted, but the Seven years war would rage on and the Silesian dispute would only be settled by yet more bloody fighting on the part of Frederick the great

Wargaming review
All in all a fun time was had by both parties. The rules definatly nead some brushing up on (I've never been a fan of rolling one dice per unit, one dice per man is much more realistic but so many rules do it) so for now we'll stick to black powder.

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