Sunday, 9 October 2011

day 9 - Killteam shoot out rules

Killteam shoot out is exactly like normal killteam except that you can have up to 300pts and the game is much more brutal and quick.
It represents a gun fight where, for whatever reason (A canyon is in the way, the enemy may have the plague, the air is too thick with bolts etc), niether side can engage.

The first two turns are played using the night fighting rules (this can represent a grudge fight after a midnight murder or the fact that the warriors are muddled and take time to adjust to the enemies positions)

Every model must be deployed with their base touching cover (fearless models and models with feel no pain do not have to). In the player's turn D3 models may move (roll each turn).

In the shoot phase all the models may shoot. Each model may fire their gun off D3 times (example: a splinter cannon that rolled a 5 and did not move may fire 18 shots, but must roll 6 dice three times). If a model kills another before they have run out of shots they may sweep their gun into the nearest enemy model to their last target (If they do this they must subtract 1 from their D3 result, meaning that a model may only do this action if they scored a 3 on the D3).  models count as having line of sight if any part of them is showing from behind cover (including the base). A model that shoots recieves -1 cover save on the D6 roll of a 3+ (automatically if they sweeped)

First you roll to hit, then cover saves are taken, then you roll to wound and finally armour/invulnerable saves are taken

Cover saves:
how much of the enemy is visible?
just base or tip of equipment - 1+ cover save
minimal possible - 2+ cover save
1/4 - 3+
1/2 - 4+
3/4 - 5+
hardly anything - 6+

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